Returns and Exchange Policy

YOURZ GADGETS has returns and replacements policies for all its products depending upon the type of product that you wish to return. Our motto is to make a better experience for all our customers and make online shopping more trust worthy. You can count on YOURZ GADGETS to make sure that you will always get the product that was promised to you. If your product was delivered to you broken, inappropriate or incomplete you can always claim a return or even a possible replacement.

YOURZ GADGETS specific returns and replacements policy for each product can be viewed on the product page. Some items can be replaced and some can be returned. If the exact replacement of the product that you bought is not available than you will be given a refund.

Valid Reasons for the Return/Replacement of a Product

Will you be able to return a product or not depends on the reason for the return. You cannot return a product that was delivered to you in perfect condition. Moreover, a return cannot be possible only because you changed your mind or the product is no longer needed. Here are some of the valid reasons to return a product:

  • A product can be returned if it was not the one you originally ordered or was different from what was shown on the website. ( Although the color tone can vary between image and physical product)
  • If the product delivered to you is faulty in any way upon arrival( Plz check at home) then you can ask for a return or replacement.
  • If the product was not delivered completely and some components are missing, it can be replaced.
  • Depending upon the type of defect and the active applied warranty, YOURZ GADGETS may refer to you to the original brand for a brand warranty claim.
  • All products showed on YOURZ GADGETS follow this returns and policy document and any changes to this document will affect all products shown.

How to Guide on Claiming a Return or Replacement

YOURZ GADGETS has a no questions asked returns and replacement policy for some products. For all the products that you need to return these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Contact Us

The first thing that you need to do is to let us know what product you need to return or replace and why. You can write to us at or call us at 03227205093,
03354266279. Our customer care representatives will guide you well with the next steps as well. Moreover, they can also tell you if your product return or replacement request is valid or not. Once you have made contact with us and provided all the necessary information we will proceed further.

  1. Arrange a House Pickup

YOURZ GADGETS offers an easy house pickup for the returnable product. We offer this service in Lahore only for now. If you are not in Lahore then you can send the product to us via courier.

  1. Repack the Product

This point may prove to be very important in the proper return of a product. You have to make sure that the product is repacked in exactly the same way as you received it. All components of the product should be packed in the original packaging that the product was delivered to you in. The product should not be used or damaged after arrival. The original brand packaging of the product needs to be kept intact and no stickers or tape should be placed on it. The product may not be returnable without the original packaging and box.

  1. Send it via Courier

You can return your purchased product to YOURZ GADGETS by sending it back to us through TCS. Just call us before and let us know and send it at our Head Office address.

After you have successfully sent over the parcel back to YOURZ GADGETS all you need to do now is to wait. Soon our team will get in touch with you and upon successful return to us, your product will be returned or replaced.